Spart changes the way you think about energy.

Spart helps major energy users lower their total costs and improve efficiency and reliability through on-site cogeneration of electricity and heat, fueled by natural gas and/or biogas. Where organic waste is available, Spart uses anaerobic digestion technology to generate biogas and salable fertilizer/compost from the waste, reducing transportation, landfill, and water treatment costs.

Spart understands project risks, challenges, and what is required for long-term financial success. Our broad range of skill-sets, partner commitments, and direct access to investment capital enables us to manage the full spectrum of project development. This may include: contract negotiations, equity and debt financing, supervision of installation and commissioning, and oversight of operations and maintenance. Spart is also pleased to play the role of advisor/ owner’s representative for end-users looking to implement projects using their preferred network of contractors.